Fillable & Calculating. Printable HUD1 for PC Computers.


Just fill in the easy questionaire, and your data is entered into the HUD1 settlement form.

Add additional information easily and effortlessly!

BRAND NEW in January 2010!

Never have to pay for another HUD 1 Settlement Statement again!


How does it work?


Page 1 is a HUD1 Worksheet.


You will enter the following information:

  1. Sales price
  2. Mortgage amount
  3. Interest rate
  4. Yearly homeowners insurance premium
  5. Yearly property taxes
  6. The month that yearly tax year begins
  7. PMI/MIP yearly interest rate (not pre-paid)
  8. Earnest/escrow amount
  9. Payoff first mortgage
  10. Payoff second mortgage
  11. Total commission (%)
  12. Commission to selling office
  13. Selling office name
  14. Commisison to Listing office
  15. Listing office name
  16. 1st day of month following estimated closing date
  17. Estimated closing date

What happens next?

Data will automatically be inserted into the document.

On the back page of the HUD1 you will see:

  • The actual dollar amount for the commissions - split as noted between listing and selling offices.
  • If you enter a % for loan origination, it will be calculated
  • Pre-paid interest, homeowners insurance, taxes and MIP/PMI will be calculated.
  • Amount for title insurance (owners and lenders) will be suggested.
  • Add other closing cost amounts specific to your closing.
  • The program will add everything up in both buyer and seller columns.

Page 1.

  • Add name and addresses of buyers and sellers, settlement agent etc.
  • Subtotals from page 2 will automatically be entered.
  • Line 303 (totals for buyer or seller) will be calculated.

Enter your name,
e-mail address, city
and state below.


You first fill in the HUD1 Worksheet


This HUD1 uses Adobe Acrobat. Other PDF programs have not been tested but might work.

You can use the FREE Adobe Acrobat reader to input data, but you cannot save the file (print only).

You can save files with Adobe Professional.



Email Name
City    State 
PC and OSX using Adobe
Acrobat Reader/Professional

Formulas included in this HUD1 are for reference only. You are responsible for verifying that all data is correct.