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Neenah, WI

Find a professional real estate agent in Neenah, Wisconsin. Browse our directory of general estate agencies and brokerage in the local Neenah, WI area. Find agencies that offer specialties like marketing or virtual tours. View phone numbers, location, services, and other information. Let a local agent help you buy or sell your home.

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Latitude: 44.174035 -- Longitude: -88.468508

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Neenah, Wisconsin

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Diana Dahlberg - 1 MONTH REALTY Diana Dahlberg - 1 MONTH REALTY - Pleasant Prairie, WI

Moving and Children

So, You are thinking of making a move? When you decide it is time to make a move, it is a good idea to engage your children in the process. Depending on the reason for your move (job change, up-sizing, downsizing, etc.) and the distance you may need to travel, moving can cause some serious concerns for children that parents may not think about or even be aware of right away. Emotionally, there are legitimate fears involved. Moving often means leaving favorite playmates behind, going more
Page: WI/1Month | RePageRank: 4 | Points: 12,305 | Quality Score: 8 | Posted on August 31, 2011 at 10:46 PM

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The three most popular assisted techniques for shedding those extra pounds are pills, hypnosis, and surgery. The problem with the first is that using pills for weight reduction means that most people must needlessly rely upon them if they are to keep their weight off. And, don’t forget the side effects. People react differently. Some medications even come with warnings of death through heart failure and change in personality. Yet, pills are still very popular in our quick-fix culture. Surgery, such as fatty tissue removal or lap-band operations, is another alternative. For those people who are extremely obese, their doctors may determine that this radical measure is the best of alternative. However, like pills, surgery comes with great dangers. In fact, if you are considering this alternative, you will be presented with numerous disclosures, which make you aware that risks include...

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