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Ashland, WI

Find a professional real estate agent in Ashland, Wisconsin. Browse our directory of general estate agencies and brokerage in the local Ashland, WI area. Find agencies that offer specialties like marketing or virtual tours. View phone numbers, location, services, and other information. Let a local agent help you buy or sell your home.

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Latitude: 46.587376 -- Longitude: -90.880391

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Ashland, Wisconsin

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Diana Dahlberg - 1 MONTH REALTY Diana Dahlberg - 1 MONTH REALTY - Pleasant Prairie, WI

Moving and Children

So, You are thinking of making a move? When you decide it is time to make a move, it is a good idea to engage your children in the process. Depending on the reason for your move (job change, up-sizing, downsizing, etc.) and the distance you may need to travel, moving can cause some serious concerns for children that parents may not think about or even be aware of right away. Emotionally, there are legitimate fears involved. Moving often means leaving favorite playmates behind, going more
Page: WI/1Month | RePageRank: 5 | Points: 15,395 | Quality Score: 8 | Posted on August 31, 2011 at 10:46 PM

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Just Can’t Stop Biting my Fingernails

Fingernail biting is a compulsive behavior that is very often started during a person’s pre-teen or teen years. It is normally a type of defensive reaction that occurs when a young person encounters a threatening situation that they cannot understand. While I’ve seen this occur in situations where there has been a significant stress in the home – to include frequent relocations and abuse – it frequently starts when a seemingly simple event occurs.

One example of this involved a young thirteen year old boy who had been chewing his nails since the age of nine. In this case, the young man was in a very normal, loving family. There were no problems such as frequent moving or arguing parents. However, there was a very significant event that occurred back when he was nine. Late one Saturday night he and his father had been sitting on the sofa watching television. After several...

The ego in hypnosis

Who am I? Ever since Sigmund Freud the concept of the ego has been an intense topic of conversation. We attempt to understand who we are in terms of not only our physical description, but also our values, beliefs, and behaviors. When all of this is considered, we just may have a reasonable concept of our “I-ness.” This can also be referred to as our ego. In the Freud-influenced Western world a healthy mind is often synonymous with a healthy ego. This means that a stable ego is presumed to be a core requirement for the maintenance of adequate mental health. However, as normal ins-and-outs of life include frequent destabilizing events, we must constantly adjust our ego. When this works properly, the ego is sound; when not, an adjustment is warranted. So if we continue to take this Freudian approach, what is the role of hypnosis? Hypnosis may play a significant in facilitating...

Asthma and Allergies

If you occasionally have problems such as shortness of breath, wheezing, a frequent cough, or chest tightness, chances are you are suffering from asthma. And, there's over a 50% chance that your asthma is being caused by an allergy. Asthma can involve a tightening of the airwaves, a swelling of the lining of the airways, and increased mucus production in your lungs. In turn, a predominant cause is your body's reaction to an allergen. As such, one must consider the role of the immune system with each to branches: adaptive and innate. Essentially, your mind and body have learned to react to external threats. This means that asthma can very likely be caused by an overreaction to a substance which does not bother others. If you think that you suffer from either an allergy-related case of asthma are other forms, you most certainly should seek medical attention. This does not rule out the...

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