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Information for Bannockburn, IL

We provide info for Bannockburn, Buffalo Grove, Fort Sheridan, and Bannockburn, IL (Illinois). Homes, photos, weather, schools, and more. ZIP 60001 Airport ord Homes starting at $200,000.

A great place to find local homes for sale in Bannockburn Illinois, including new homes, condos and foreclosures. Custom FREE relocation packets available for homebuyers moving to Bannockburn Illinois, News from newspapers, both Illinois and national newspapers. Search for Bannockburn Illinois jobs and help wanted. Bannockburn Illinois movie listings along with local weather. Find a Realtor licensed in Bannockburn Illinois who is experienced in helping homebuyers move to Bannockburn Illinois. Find census data or local information about Bannockburn Illinois or on other Illinois cities.

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Bannockburn, IL

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Latitude: 42.191507 -- Longitude: -87.863113

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ZIP Codes for Bannockburn, Illinois 60015 
Area Code for Bannockburn, Illinois 847
Time zone for Bannockburn, Illinois CST

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Bannockburn is a village in the West Deerfield and Vernon townships of Lake County, Illinois, United States. The population was 1,429 at the 2000 census[1]. It is named for the Scottish village of Bannockburn. Real estate prices in Bannockburn are very high; the average real estate value for a home in Bannockburn in 2000 was $933,500. -- Source:

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